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              Compound Bioflocculant
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              Compound Iron Bioflocculant

              PropertyThis product has not only functions of inorganic flocculants to compress double electrode layer and lower the sueface charge, but also the bridging, netting and sweeping functions of the organic polymeric flocculant. Moreover, it can adsorb part of metal ions and dissolved organic matter to achieve efficiency and broad spectrum functions of the Bioflocculant through active functional groups on the moluclar chain.Compared with inorganic polymeric flocculant, stability and neutralization capacity of Compound Bioflocculant has been enhanced.

              Application: This product is widely used in industrial wastewater treatment in papermaking, textile printing & dyeing, petrochemical, foof, high polymer material industries, as well as domestic sewage, source of drinking water treatment, river & lake purification and other fields.

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