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              Non ionic Bioflocculant
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              Non ionic high molecular weight Bioflocculant

              Property: Molecular weight of this product is above 20 million, and moleuclar linear chain is more than 95%, very stable and degradable. The range of pH and temperature for its apllication is wide from pH 5-11 and 0-50℃ respectively, and it is very soluble in water. A large number of active hydroxyl and carboxylic groups are available on the molecular chains, which can generate hydrogen bond and van der Waals force with the surface of colloidal particles in the wastewater, featuring strong capacities of adsorption, bridging and sweeping. Especially, it has excellent binding capacity with metal ions, forming large flocs and accerating deposition of suspended collodial particles. 

              Specification: Liquild, concentration 15%, dynamic viscosity at 25℃ 6 000cps; concentration 7.5%, dynamic viscosity 3 000cps.

              Application: This product can be used to treat wastewater containing metal ions,such as mine wastewater, electroplating wastewater and other electronic industrial wastewater; for the pre-treatment membrane, it can aviod generating floc partciles due to the incomplete deposition, and effectively reduce the pollution of the water body to the subsequent membrane filtration. It can also work together with inorganic flocculants like poly aluminum and poly iron products, aiming to lower the usage amount of inorganic flocculants, and reduce iron or aluminum ions residues in the supernatant. 

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