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              Nanjing State Chemical Co., Ltd.

              Tel:  +86-025-86807185

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              For more information, please contact: sales@state-chemical.com

              Zip: 210017

              Address: Office 1324, 133 Fuyuan Street, Jianye District, Nanjing 210017,China

              Cleaning and Prefilming Agent
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              Boiler Shutdown Protective Agent

              Property: This product is main eighteen amine with adding some chemical reagents to dissolve, featuring good emulsion stability and no corrosion of the decomposition product.

              Specification: The content of the emulsion is more than 3%.

              Application: This product can form a layer of monomolecular membrane or mutli-molecular membrane on the metal surface, aiming to keep dissolve oxygen and other corrosive ions from metal surfaces, which plays a role in the barrier and shield. It is widely used in surface corrosion treatment of various metals, specifically applied for the protective agent of boiler.

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